To Dig Or Not To Dig?

I think one thing that comes up the most in the day to day is, “Can I dig here?” Many times a company has either looked at a site briefly in person or just online only. They see a great spot to put a sign and they call us up to install said sign. When our crew shows up on site and it looks nothing like the picture our customer sent us. Sometimes easements are an issue, sometimes underground utilities are an issue sometimes concrete is the issue. Weather even plays a factor. Long, hot summers with little to no rain make for a very hard ground. The only thing we can do from our end is look on Google and plan for the best.

Before the sign is even made we make sure the sign can indeed go in that great spot. We plan for as many variables as we can. On install day we take chainsaws, skids, taller posts, extra posts, water to soften the ground, and anything else we can think of to ensure the install is still going to happen. The boy scouts had it right with the “always be prepared” bit. It’s better to over-pack (load) than have to call a customer and say we can’t put up your sign today.

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