Solar Powered Signage

Say goodbye to paying for electricity and embrace sustainability with solar powered signage. Here in Houston, we receive a lot of sunlight. So why not use the power of the sun to your advantage? Solar powered lighting is a beneficial way to display your company’s brand or to highlight something of importance, at zero utility cost.

How do they work?

Solar powered monument signs function surprisingly easy. As the name implies, the primary and only power source is the sun. Solar panels are installed near the signage, and a battery is attached to the base. During daylight hours, the solar panel absorbs the sunlight as energy and stores it in the connected battery. During the night hours, the stored energy is released, and the sign comes to life with the illumination of the LED lights.

Falling prices!

Solar powered signage has become the go-to for many. Because of this, the prices for materials have fallen – making it more affordable for our clients. Apart from falling prices, another attractive feature of solar energy is how it’s utility free. No more monthly electricity bill!

When it comes to solar powered signage, our skilled team can help you develop the perfect solar sign for you. Check out our photos for our recent project with Port 10 Logistic Center and their new solar-powered monument signs. If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call!

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