Interior Signs Pt.3 – Wayfinding

Wayfinding signage is a vital part of helping you organize your business facility while maintaining your business branding. It helps your employees, clients, and visitors maneuver their way from point A to point B; with a sense of confidence, safety, and security.

Wayfinding Basics

As changes in architectural environments occur, people require more distinct cues like maps, symbols, and directions to help them navigate the world around them.

Color Coding: Color is the most recognizable portion of a sign, and wayfinding signage is no different. Color coding can be used to distinguish separate sections in a facility. It can also help give the viewer an understanding of the facility layout, making it easier for them to reach their final destination.

Graphics: Using straightforward and universally used symbols/icons can improve signage visibility. They allow visitors to easily identify features around the facility and better understand their surroundings.

Interchangeable Content: Office spaces are continuously changing in commercial buildings. Wayfinding signs provide the ability to change out the content as needed, saving time and money in the long run.

Types of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signage encompasses various kinds of signs, such as:

Identification Signs: Identify a location, or where the reader is, by pointing-out specific buildings/ landmarks /structures.

Directional Signs: Point the way to specified locations, by posting signs at junctions or anywhere a person might look for direction. They may be simple or complex.

Informational Signs: Provide the reader with important information about the location—such as hours of operation, wi-fi availability, safety hazard notifications, occupancy, etc.

Regulatory Signs: Ensure safety by informing people about the requirements and regulations set in place. Some of these regulations may include parking, speed limits, ADA regulatory signs, and more.

When it comes to wayfinding interior signage, our skilled team can help you develop the most effective signage for you. Check out our other blog posts on different kinds of interior signage (decorative & ADA signs). If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call!

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