6 Top Signs To Increase Brand Recognition

How Custom Signs Enhance Brands and Increase Business

two business signs created by ace advertising signs companyAre you looking for a new sign that will grab attention of those passing by and bring more foot-traffic through your business’ front door? If you don’t have a sign that stands out then people won’t recognize your brand, or even know where your store is located. Businesses have a variety of needs for different types of signs.

If your business is located far from any major streets or areas with a lot of people, you may want a billboard or monument sign to catch attention and make them aware of your location. Or if your business is located in a busy shopping center, you may want an LED sign or channel letters that are catchy and unique to your brand. If you are unsure which sign is best for your business, take a look below at 6 popular types of signs.

1. LED Signs

LED signs are perfect signs for business that are open at night and need a bright light that catches the attention of those passing by. LED lights are easy to read and one of the most popular signs that light up. They can be customized to match your business’ logo with the right colors, font style, etc.

2. Digital Signage

If you are ready to join the rest of the business owners who are taking advantage of the latest technology, then a digital sign is a fantastic option. These are very user-friendly and are easy to change the message, so that you can update what you want to advertise from specials, to deals, to promotions, to your business name, and much more. Whether you have a retail store, a church, a school, or other type of business, digital signs can be very useful for displaying important information.

3. Billboards

If your business is located further away from major roads, highways, etc., it may be difficult for a wide audience to know about you. Businesses that want to attract more customers often invest in billboard signs such as restaurants, casinos, retail stores, and much more. With this type of signs you can customize it to look just the way you want it from sizing, to wrapping, and more. Get the visibility your business needs with quality billboard signs.

4. Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are wonderful signs if you want to display your business name above your building in an aesthetically pleasing way. When a sign looks good people notice. The better your sign looks, the more business you will attract. Whether you need sign repair or a new sign, having a sign that looks clean, new, and reflects your brand with the right colors and font will attract more people.

5. Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are popular signs for numerous types of businesses from doctor’s offices, to schools, to retail and much more. These signs are large enough to easily read and can even be illuminated.

6. Monument Signs

Do you really want your message or business name to stand out? With a monument sign you can be certain that it will be noticed. Not only will people notice your business with a monument sign, but will also be impressed as these signs give your brand the reputation you want.

We hope you find the right sign for your business to increase awareness and enhance your brand. Of course, if you have additional concerns or questions, we will be happy to help.

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