All About LED Signs

Attract Attention With LED Signs

Businesses have many expenses and lighting can end up being one of the biggest costs, especially for large spaces. If you want to cut back on your energy use and cut costs, then you need to consider the benefits of using LED signs. They’re cost-efficient, effective, and look like a million bucks—but they are actually saving you money! Here’s all you need to know about LED signs and how they can benefit your business.

What Are LED Signs?

LED stands for light emitting diode. Investing in LED signs can benefit your business by:

    • Lasting longer – LED lights dim over time instead of just burning out because they don’t have a filament like a traditional bulb does. They will dim over the course of several years, lasting about 100,000 hours.
    • Being versatile – LED signs have panels called modules. They come in many different sizes, making it easy for your business to program and schedule different messages on your sign with the help of computer software that controls the sign. You can change the message every single day if you want to.
  • Being high quality – The images created by LED signs are very visually pleasing. That’s due to the use of pixels that provide high-resolution images on your signs.

When potential customers or business associates see your LED sign out in front, they will surely be very impressed.

LED Signs Save Money

Saving money is music to any business owner’s ears – and LED signs are a great way to do it! They save on energy as mentioned, but also produce long-term savings that make the initial investment worthwhile. These types of signs last longer than traditionally lit signs too, which means fewer repairs and replacements over the years.

What To Look For

When it’s time to buy your LED signs, you may feel a little lost. If these signs are new to you, then these are the factors you have to consider when deciding on signage:

    • Pixels – The number of pixels in a sign differ, but the more pixels in a sign, the higher quality the images will be.
    • Pitch – Signs with a tighter and smaller pitch emit a much crisper image. The size of the pitch for the sign you need depends on how close or far away your sign is. For distance viewers, you need a higher pitch. For closer viewing, a lower pitch works just fine.
    • Matrix – The matrix is how many pixels wide and high a sign is. It’s basically the actual physical size of the sign, but it’s important because it will decide how many characters will fit on each line of the sign. If you’re choosing color, then you need a matrix based on viewing distance, location, and size of your message.
  • Monochrome and color – Do you want a color LED sign or a monochrome? Color signs often draw more attention and look nicer than monochrome, but it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your message. If you only plan on using text, monochrome may fit your needs just fine.

Your company’s signage is very important, and LED signs are a great investment, so make sure you give them serious consideration when it comes time to deciding on your signage.

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