How To Keep Your Banners Looking Nice

Tips To Keep Your Banners Looking Great

Designing beautiful banners for your business isn’t that complicated, but keeping the banners healthy so they can last as long as you need them to is a bit more complex. You’ve paid good money to promote your business with a banner, so it makes sense to maintain them to the best of your ability. Here are some simple tips to help you extend the life of your banners.

Clean It

Your banners can get dirty, so keep them looking brand new by cleaning them every once in awhile with an ammonia-free cleaner and water. You can use mild dish soap too, but just make sure to keep any and all harsh chemicals away, because over time they can damage the print or distort the banner material.
Also, make sure to use a soft cloth to clean your banner. Don’t use any kind of coarse cleaning pads or abrasive cloths since they can damage the quality of the print. And don’t lay your banner down on a rough surface to clean it, either. It can become damaged that way. Treat your banner gently when washing and drying it. Leaving it to air dry is the best option.


Do not fold your banners due to the fact that it can cause creasing, which is a huge banner maintenance no-no. The best way to store it is to roll it up. Keep the print on the outer side and wrap it using a sheet of butcher paper to keep the print of the banner from touching. This will keep colors from bleeding and keep it from sticking together when you go to unroll it next. Once rolled up, store in a tube or cylinder, away from direct sunlight. A cool, dry place is best.
If you find a minor wrinkle in your banner when do unfurl it, you can easily work it out by putting a soft cloth on the ground and laying the banner print side down. Then take a warm iron (not hot) and quickly move it over the back of the banner. Use a cloth between the iron and the banner to fully protect it. The heat should help to get the wrinkle out just as it does on your favorite shirt. High heat directly on your banner will damage the material and the print, so be very careful during this process.

Proper Installation

Banners often become damaged when being installed. You must remember to use the grommets, pockets, and holes of your banner wisely and appropriately when hanging them up. Take care to treat your banner well during installation and you will extend its life!
Above all, it pays to remember that your banners are not permanent. Especially if they are outside, exposure to the elements will impact them over time. But if you strive to care for your banner appropriately, then you can expect it to last for quite some time. The lesson: Take care of your banners and they will take care of you!

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