How Banners Can Help Bring Traffic To Your Business

Designing Successful Banners

When you spend money on creating banners for your business, you want them to look good and be effective. That’s not always possible if you don’t spend enough time with the design process. Not everyone is a natural when it comes to designing banners. If you use these tips, you can get through the process and help your business thrive.

Tip 1: Ask Yourself ‘What End Result Do You Want?’

Before you start designing the banners, you want to figure what result you want from them. Putting banners up to generate leads is different than putting banners up to announce a sale coming up in a few weeks. Get the results you want with the right design, but first decide what results you want.

Tip 2: Decide On Banners Locations

Also, you will want to think about where the banners will be displayed. Figure out what size you need and how large or small you can make the print, logos, and other elements. Most banners are placed in high traffic areas where lots of people see them. Sometimes, though, people don’t have much time to actually read them. You only have a few seconds to get the message across and that will make a huge difference when your message and design is concise.

Tip 3: What Will The Lighting Be Like?

Once you decide where the banners will go, look at the lighting in those areas. If the banners will be poorly lit, you’ll want bright, contrasting colors to show them off. If the lights are good, you can go with something lighter.

Tip 4: How Far Away Will Viewers Be?

It’s hard to size the banners just right and many want to save money by buying smaller banners. But if you want the banners to work, they have to be the proper size for people to actually see them. For instance, if you are putting a banner in a shopping mall way up high, it has to be large for people to notice it. Think about how far away viewers will be and what they can see from that distance.

Tip 5: What Call To Action Do You Want?

Most banners have some sort of “call-to-action” to tell viewers what they need to do. It might say “call now” or “visit today” or some other short and sweet line. Consider what you want viewers to do and then figure out what sort of “call-to-action” you can place on the banners.

Tip 6: Get Professional Design Help For Your Banners

If you really want your banners to go over well, it’s best to enlist the help of professionals, like those at Ace Advertising. We know what it takes to create banners that will catch the viewer’s eye and get you the results you want. Let’s work together to create banners that will aid your goals for your business. We look forward to helping you create the perfect banners for your next project.

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