Company Spotlights – Commercial Real Estate Signs (CRE)

ClientBlog-8.13One of the unsung heroes of the sign world is the Commercial Real Estate sign. Unless you are looking for commercial property or are in the sign business, you probably don’t even notice them. I know I never really did until I started working in the sign business. Now, I notice these signs daily and I am very critical in my judgment:
“Oh look at that sign, it’s leaning!”
“They didn’t even bother to paint the posts?!”
“That sign is in the easement. I can’t believe the city hasn’t tagged it yet!”

If you have a commercial property that is available, a CRE sign is a requirement. You aren’t going to sell or lease that property without one. You want a sign that is going to get noticed but not in a negative light. You also want a sign that conveys your message, spotlights your company in an attractive manner, and is going to last until it’s served its purpose (garnered you a tenant or buyer). So brokers, when you’re ready to enlist the experts, contact Ace Advertising Signs. Not only can we tell you the best place on the property to place your sign so it will attract the most attention, but we can also tell you the safest place – don’t want to hit an underground utility line. Another factor to consider is placing it where it won’t get tagged by the governing entity for easement or ROW violations, as well as which material will hold up best in this crazy Houston weather.

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