Why Business Sign Placement Matters

Sign Placement Matters to Those Who Want to Make Sales

When you’re starting a business, exposure is the most valuable thing. You need to let the world know exactly what you have to offer before you’re going to make sales. One of the only ways to do that is to communicate through signage. Do you want to know what the best places to put your signs are?  Here are three places that you should consider putting signs. These places will truly help make an impression and do business with people that are passing by.

1. The Street

The most important place that you can place your sign is directly on the street. The front of your business isn’t adequate if you want to get the attention of the eyes that are passing by. While you only reach the people in your parking lot with a sign in front of your business, a sign on the street can be seen by tens of thousands people per day depending on where you live. That means it’s the most valuable place where you can communicate your brand to customers who are passing by. If you want to convert people passing by into customers for your business, the first place that you need to start is by properly placing a sign on the street directly in front.

2. Utilize a Nearby Billboard

This is like having an extra street sign relatively nearby to your business that’s much bigger, where you can list the relevant directions to get them in your door. Make sure that you’re not placing the billboard too far away. People will completely lose interest in patronizing your business, if they have to travel too far to get there. This is a bigger investment for your company. If you plan it correctly and you have a great design, you can entice people from the street to come in and see what your business has to offer.

3. In Front of Your Business

You should ideally do all three of these. The more impressions that you make on the street between your street sign and your billboard, the better. You’ll also need a sign out in front of your business to reinforce your brand. When people are patronizing your business, you have another chance to make an impression on them that you can take advantage of. Business is all about the number of impressions that you can make on the potential customer. Having a sign in front of your business does more than just identify you, it re-solidifies the brand for the client, making your brand stronger overall.

Get the Right Sign Placements for Your Business

You don’t want to just go with one. You need to go with all three. In order to get the sign placement that makes the most conversions and the highest number of impressions, you need to have a street sign, a billboard, and a sign in front of your business. Altogether, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to make thousands of impressions per day, increasing the amount of business opportunities that you get and constantly advertising your brand to the world.

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