5 Benefits of LED Signs

LED Signs Can Enhance Your Business

Your sign is the first chance your company has to make a first impression on potential clients. Signs can be seen as a voiceless salesperson for your business. Signs on the exterior of your business building will draw attention and help set your company apart from other businesses in the same location. They can be an effective component of a business’ marketing strategy. They can help reinforce their brand, draw attention to sales and promotions, and distribute information about the business.

LED signs can push your marketing strategy even further with eye catching and versatile light displays. LED signs lure potential clients in with colorful and creative visuals that promote your business. Take a look at these benefits to see if LED signs are right for your business.

1. LED Signs Have A Long Shelf Life

LED signs can outlast fluorescent and neon signs by a full 3 to 6 years. High quality LED signs can easily last between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. They are designed to maintain its high quality lighting by preventing gas leaks that cause dimness.

2. LED Signs Are Alluring

The main aspect distinguishing LED signs apart from other signs is their eye-catching brightness. The illuminating technology behind LED signs produces a vibrant and clear light that most people can read up close or a long distance away. In the night, LED lights have a stunning glow and during the day, the illumination is still fierce enough to see through the shining sun. This means that your sign will give customers who are walking by or driving past a clear indication of your business’ message or logo no matter what time of day it is.

3. You Can Change Your Message

One of the drawbacks with normal signs is, the fixed message can’t be changed on the fly. Communicating an up-to-date message to potential clients is an important part of advertising. LED signs have the flexibility to be constantly adjusted. If your company decides to have a surprise promotion, you can release the information on the outdoor sign immediately.

4. LED Signs Are Easy To Use

Not every business owner has the time to learn and operate a new type of technology. LED signs are easily accessible and they make it possible to update your message at any time of the day and even at night when the business is closed.

5. LED Signs Are Versatile

An LED display is a versatile advertising tool for both new and old customers. The contents of the sign can be changed at any point in time to fulfill specific business goals. They can be adjusted to promote the benefits of products that are in high demand.

Use LED Signs To Promote Your Pasadena Business

LED signs are a creative and alluring method of business advertising. They allow you to create versatile and immediate messages that will appeal to a variety of customers, both new and old. If you want to make your business stand out, LED signs are a great way to illuminate your message to the masses.


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  2. Elsa AndersonApril 9, 2018

    My husband’s company is looking for new ways to advertise and they are thinking of using LED signs. I like that you say LED signs can last over 50,000 hours! Also, it is interesting that you change your message as often as you want because LED signs have the flexibility to be changed as often as needed. I agree that this can be very helpful with quick changes like promotions or sales happening because you want customers to know about it immediately.

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