8 Reasons Why You Should Get An LED Sign

Undeniable Benefits of LED Signs

solutions next exitLED signs are quickly replacing neon signs. Why? Because they are much more effective and efficient. Business owners are finding out that these signs have many more benefits, which is why they are becoming more popular.

Out With The Old, In With The New

All existing Neon signs are now being modified using LED. So whether you are trying to decide what kind of sign to get; or if you have a neon sign and are thinking about switching over to LED sign, take a look at 8 reasons below why you should.

1. LED Signs Are More Efficient

If you are looking to save money on your electricity bill, then LED signs are the way to go. They don’t use as much electricity and shine just as bright or brighter than neon signs.

2. LED Signs Are Not As Labor Intensive

Not only are LED signs more efficient, they are also not as labor intensive. Installing them is simpler and the maintenance is not as difficult since they last longer, which brings us to point three.

3. LED Lasts Longer

LED lights last much longer than neon lights. This means you won’t have to have them repaired or replaced as often, saving you time and money.

4. LED Signs Are Less Expensive

Another great benefit of LED signs is that they are not as expensive as neon signs and offer many more benefits. So their value is unsurpassable.

5. LED is Just As Bright Or Brighter Than Neon Signs

If you want a sign that is sure to attract attention, then LED is the way to go. With its eye-catching brightness, it will definitely be seen by anyone passing by. They are made with technology that allows it to be bright, yet clear and easy to read. It also stands out during the day, so no matter the time, if it’s light or dark, your sign will make a clear impression and communicate your business’ brand.

6. More Impressive

Because LED is the newest lighted-sign technology, they look much better and more professional to consumers. So if you want to impress your clientele, an LED sign is the way to do it.

7. Low Maintenance

If you want a sign that doesn’t require much maintenance, then LED signs are a good choice. Cleaning them is simple, as they don’t have fragile or hot tubes like neon signs. They also last longer, and essentially won’t burn out. They also don’t need to be protected from the outdoor elements. Yet, if you do live in a extremely humid area, there are “waterproof” LED systems.

8. More Options

Customizing your sign to fit your business’ goal and brand is important. With an LED sign, you will find many more options available to you than if you had a neon sign. With LED lights you can have a combination of lights to create digital flashed, color changes, movements and animation. If you want that kind of versatility, you won’t get that with neon signs.

The Difference Between Neon and LED

Neon signs are made with glass tubes, whereas LED signs are made of many different, separate lights. So if you want to grab attention, LED lights are the way to go, as they are more versatile and programmed to flash, fade, light up, and much more. Because LED signs have many more benefits, they are rapidly replacing neon signs. If you want to stand out, LED signs are the best option.

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