6 Reasons To Market With Channel Letters

Channel letters are one of the most popular signs for marketing a business. With either your business name or logo in front, they are easily seen and recognized. If you want your business to make an impact, customizing channel letters is an ideal option.

Why Channel Letters Signs Work:

1. Cost Effective

We understand that as a business owner, you are looking for the most bang for your buck. If you want a less costly sign that does the job well, channel letters fit the bill.

2. Visually Eye-Catching and Appealing Design

These types of signs are very noticeable to anyone walking or driving by. Most people look up to see where they are going, or to locate a store. If there is a sign on the street of in front of the store that is hidden behind a bush or tree, they will miss it. Yet, channel letters are boldly situated front and center on your building to catch attention and create awareness.

3. More Square Footage

Unlike many signs that take up space, channel letters are made to fit the area that you want. They come as individual letters, so that you can place them on the building above your storefront without taking up too much room. With these signs you won’t have to worry about taking up your store’s square footage. Using the building itself as the background for your sign is an ideal option to catch the attention of those passing by.

4. Advertising and Brand Awareness

Channel letter signs communicate a message to anyone who sees it. They tell someone your store’s name while giving them an impression of your business. If the sign is flashy, big and bold they will have a different opinion than if it’s more sleek and professional. If your target audience doesn’t know about your brand, your sign is the first thing they will see. Because your sign will formulate opinions about your brand, you will want to make sure it does the job right.

5. Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

These signs reduce the impact of environment, as they don’t contain toxic gas or mercury.  When they are made with LED lights they also reduce your power consumption and require less maintenance. LED lights are built stronger, are more resistant to the elements and last longer. Because they are brighter they are more visually stunning.

6. Customize Your Sign

July_Channel letters_450x260If you want your business to stand out, channel letter signs can be customized to fit your preferences. After reading the statements above, you already know that having a sign makes your brand recognizable and trustworthy. To create a unique sign, here are few ideas of how you can customize channel letters to fit your business goals:

  • LED lighting
  • Direction – front lit, back lit, open face, or reverse lit
  • Logo
  • Color
  • Size
  • Font
  • Mount – raceway or building
  • Fabrication


Have you been on the fence about investing in channel letters for your business? We hope that these tips have helped you decide what’s best for your company. And if you would still like to learn more about channel letter signs or have any questions, we would be happy to help!

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