Basic Rules Of Billboard Advertising

Advertising With Billboards

Billboards are everywhere and they can have a powerful branding impact on your company. Outdoor advertising has become increasingly competitive and that’s why it’s important to make your ad count. Use these strategies to ensure your billboard will get noticed and remembered.

Six Words Or Less

Most people are whizzing by billboards and they don’t have a lot of time to sit and read them. There are merely seconds for a person to read a billboard, so six words or less is ideal. Get your message across and remember, less is more. Being concise is hard, but if you put much more on the billboards, they won’t get read.

Notice, Not Distraction

Billboards are often aimed at drivers, bikers, and other people on the road. It’s a hard dilemma because you want to be noticed, but you don’t want to be too distracting that an accident may occur. There’s a fine balance with billboards and you want to find that balance.

No Direct Response

Sometimes billboards have a lot of phone numbers or addresses on them. People don’t generally see that much, and they hardly ever remember it later. Billboards are more of a secondary advertising medium meant for brand-building and supporting another campaign. Websites that are easy to remember are ideal.

Show It, Don’t Say It

Billboards need to be creative because it is better to show things instead of just saying it. Something eye-catching and memorable can show off your services more than just saying something about your company.

Smart, Not Clever

If billboards are boring, they’ll be ignored. You need a smart billboard that will leave a lasting impression. However, billboards that are trying to be too clever will lose their message. People won’t have the time to think over complex metaphors.

More Billboards

A single billboard is not all that effective. You want to get people’s eyes on your billboards, whenever possible. Every billboard has a rating based on visibility, location, traffic, size, and so on. You want your billboards seen by as many people as possible.

No Repetition Necessary

Radio ads will repeat the same message over and over with the phone number stated several times. On billboards, you don’t have to repeat anything. Great copywriters and an art director can give your brand a concise message and lasting impression shown just once.

Arms Length Test

Once you have a message you think might work, print the potential billboards on business cards and hold them out at arm’s length. Are you able to see the message? Can you read it? If not, you might want to refine it so it works better. Remember, you only have a few seconds to get to the point.

Ace Advertising Helps With Billboards

If you’re ready to take the leap and enjoy billboards for your company, Ace Advertising has a number of size options to consider. Grab flexible options and work with professionals to design and install billboards in the ideal locations.

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