4 Design Tips for an Effective Billboard

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We all know a good billboard design. You know you’ve seen an effective billboard when you feel something because of it. Whether it’s hunger, a giggle, or a deep thought, an effective billboard design will force you into the present moment to consider its meaning or the feelings it creates. If you’re considering a billboard, we’d like to set you off on the right foot in regards to your design.
First of all, what is considered a billboard? Well, a billboard is a sign that is held by a tall base. The sign itself is usually at least 4 ft. by 8 ft. and as large as 14 ft. by 40 ft. The billboards we work on are either installed by wrapping a current billboard or building a new one. Once your location is decided upon and you know the size of the board, it’s time to design.
Here are some tips to make your billboard effective.

1. Keep it Simple

Your billboard should communicate your point within 5 or 6 seconds. If someone is driving by at the speed limit, will they be able to grasp your message in that time? Ensure your message is being registered with a simple message, short copy, and an easy-to-read graphic or logo.
For example, a restaurant will usually benefit most from a very simple logo design. Add your phone number for reservations or carry out orders and you’re sure to make a huge impression on car and foot traffic. Chances are, most of the people who are sitting in traffic are hungry. Hungry people do not need a lot of convincing to place an order so they can eat ASAP. If you want to offer a specific deal, such as a “buy one get one” loss leader, keep it short and simple. That is all the more reason to pick up the phone or pull into the parking lot now. Make your billboard translate low risk and high reward to hungry drivers in the most simple way possible and you’re sure to get a lot of foot traffic coming to your restaurant.

2. Color Contrast

One of the most important tips we can give to increase your billboard visibility is color contrast. The colors you choose for your billboard text and graphics should stand out from your surroundings and from each other. High contrast color palettes like red and black or orange and white will ensure the text is easily read and absorbed, even if consumers are driving by at high speeds. Of course, consider the brand colors that you’ve already chosen for your business, as brand recognition is important; but you should choose your most contrasting brand colors for the background, text, and graphics on your billboard.

3. Choose One Image

While considering graphics for your billboard, try to choose one image. The easier a passerby can identify and relate to your billboard, the more impact you will make. You’re more likely to make someone feel something during their busy day if they’re only being asked to register one image or graphic.
For example, in terms of advertising for a real estate agent, that one image would be a portrait of the agent on a solid background, as well as contrasting text in the form of contact information, website URL, and perhaps the neighborhood in which they sell or buy property. When people are looking to sell their home or find the right home in a specific neighborhood, they need someone they can trust. Facial recognition is one of the best ways to market yourself as a realtor. Posting that same image on your website will allow an immediate connection to be made and consumers will know you are well-established and trustworthy.

4. Call to Action

When writing copy for your billboard, be sure it includes a call to action. A call to action is a command. You want to tell the consumer to do something, whether it be “Turn In 1 Mile” or “Call Now.” Consumers are far more likely to take the opportunity the billboard is giving them when the call to action is clear. Often, sitting in traffic, a consumer will be tired and won’t want to make decisions, especially after a long day of work. When you tell that driver exactly what to do, it makes their decision simple and triggers an action that will bring you more profit.
While designing your billboard, keep these tips in mind. Having a clear vision for a simplistic design will make production and installation of your sign fast, and help you get a return on your investment sooner!

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