3 Rules for Making Great Billboards

Do You Know How to Make a Great Billboard?

In the age of signs, more and more business owners are turning towards billboards to convert traffic passing by on the highway into sales. Because of this, there’s a great demand to find a way to make as many people as possible see the billboards, be interested by them, and buy products as a result of seeing the billboard. Not sure how you’re going to do it for your business? Here are three rules that you can employ for your own billboard that will help you to make as many sales off of it as possible.

1. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

When you’re selecting where you want to place your billboard, one of the most important things that you can consider is the amount of impressions that you’re going to make on traffic passing by. Basically, you’re going to want to place your billboard somewhere that it’s going to be seen by the most amount of people, so busy streets are great places to put them. Putting in quick directions to your establishment from the billboard isn’t a bad idea either, especially if it’s just off of an exit that you can easily direct them to. Traffic is one of the most important parts of converting your advertising into sales, so make sure that your billboard is somewhere that it’s going to be seen by the most amount of people possible.

2. Short and Sweet

Writing for a billboard is actually more difficult than you think it might be, because for this form of advertising, you need to grab someone immediately. Make sure that the copy that you put on your billboard is around six words, because anything more is going to make the person reading it lose interest. Anything else that you need to communicate should be communicated solely through the design, so that you can use the words only for what’s most important. Really take your time writing what you want on your billboard, because bad writing on a billboard is hardly ever going to convert at all.

3. Communicate Through Design

Because you have so little time to grab someone’s attention, and because of that, you have to use very few words, your best bet is to communicate mostly through design. If you’re working with a food product, one of the very best ways that you can communicate this is through how tasty the thing that you’re trying to sell is. Make it look like it fulfills the needs that you want for it to fulfill, and you should be able to sell simply in virtue of the fact that people are viewing it that way. Communicating through design is one of the very best things that you can do to make your product stand out, especially when you’re working with a billboard type of advertising.

Use Billboards to Make Profits Soar

If you’re looking to sell in the age of advertising, one of the very best mediums that you can use are billboards. If you want for yours to be successful, you should do most of your communicating through design, keep the copy extremely short, and go with a billboard location that has plenty of traffic whizzing by. These are the best things that you can do to make your billboard work well for your business.

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